IoT for Emergency Lighting

Private and commercial landlords, as well as hospitality providers, have a legal obligation to install and maintain emergency lighting that conforms to BS5266 obligations. Typically, maintenance teams have to manually check the performance of luminaires, ensuring they work and remain alight for the required period of time. If an issue is identified then the technician can carry out the required maintenance or replacement. The vast majority of visits confirm full functionality and the technician visit provides no added value. Our IoT solution for emergency lighting allows landlords and Facilities Managers to monitor luminaire functionality in real-time, remotely. This form of monitoring reduces the need for up to 90% of technician visits, as they are only needed to repair or replace faulty luminaires.

For organisations looking to deliver efficiency savings and redeploy resources to deliver greater value, this solution can make a big difference.

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How It Works

Our emergency lighting sensor, built on the DALI standard, is attached to each luminaire in a property and regularly tests whether or not the unit is working as it should and remains alight for the required period of time when activated. The performance of each light is transmitted to a central data hub via LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) and a bespoke reporting dashboard, accessed via a web based portal provides you with the latest status of each luminaire. Automated alerts are generated via the dashboard, as well as SMS and email, in the event of a failure. This notifies technicians of any maintenance required and avoids wasted visits whilst maintaining compliance records and mitigating liability in the event of an incident.

Real-time remote monitoring gives confidence of compliance to those responsible whilst allowing redeployment of resources to other areas of the organisation.

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Up to 90% reduction in site visits

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Reduced patrol costs

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Reduced vehicle emissions

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Improved mitigation in the event of an incident

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Instant alerts in the event of a breakage

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