IoT for Leak Detection

21.5m people in the UK (c30% of the population) have experienced a water leak in the last year alone, costing almost £13.6bn in repairs. It is not unusual for repairs to run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Local authorities, facilities management organisations, housing associations and social housing providers face exorbitant bills relating to water leaks in their properties – both through direct repairs and increased insurance premiums.

A little-known piece of information is that almost 80% of leaks result in a flow rate of less than 10ml per minute. Such slow rates can go undetected for weeks or even months, leading to even greater damage than obvious leaks that are noticed and remedied quickly.

By identifying leaks early and preventing property damage, vast sums can be saved and distress avoided. Finances can be re-routed to other areas that require focus and add value.

Without technological support and access to the right data, these issues will continue and, with a growing population, the repair bills will only increase.

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Leak Patch

How it Works

Any technology led response to this issue must be simple and holistic.

Our solution provides vital, actionable insights, significantly reducing the risk of persistent leaks. The solution also helps detect mould and damp issues that create further maintenance issues and health implications for residents.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple Install
  • Real-time insight, allowing swift response
  • No need for internet connectivity

A resident is sent two small devices that are simple to install - one on the mains water pipe, near the stopcock and another that is left in a convenient spot nearby.

The two devices accurately measure water and air temperatures. If a leak exists then there will be a constant flow of cold water from outside the property, meaning the water temperature measured internally remains low. These readings are communicated via LPWAN (Low Powered Wide Area Network) connectivity to our cloud database. Our analytics platform assesses the readings to identify if there is a constant flow of water, indicating the presence of a leak.

When a leak is detected, automated alerts are sent to pre-defined individuals by email and SMS and data can be integrated with native service platforms. This approach supports the need for instant response and operational integration with minimal friction.

Alerts can also be sent to residents, asking them to switch their stopcock off to prevent exacerbation of the issue.

Leak Detection Sensors
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Prevent significant repair costs

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Safer, healthier living conditions

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Real-time reporting allows early intervention

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Greater peace of mind for residents

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Simple installation - no technical expertise required

Water Leak Detection Through IoT

Find out how IoT technology can help prevent large bills and workloads through pro-active detection of leaks in social housing.

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