When DORIS met Andi: Integration of DORIS care into the Andi Platform

Andi image
A significant new collaboration has emerged in the technology-enabled care space. DORIS care from IoT Solutions Group is now integrated into Andi, 2iC-Care's digital TEC solution.
This partnership introduces a powerful synergy that expands options for care providers, offering access to another innovative solution for Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs).

Andi – A Comprehensive Digital TEC Solution

Andi, the award-winning digital TEC solution from 2iC-Care, is a versatile hub that transcends the traditional role of a dispersed alarm unit. It boasts compatibility with peripheral devices from diverse manufacturers, utilising communication protocols such as RF868, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and more. This adaptability allows TEC services to operate seamlessly in the era of care interoperability.

Beyond connectivity, Andi liberates care providers from the constraints of restrictive catalogues. The platform enables the creation of fully personalised care packages, catering to the specific needs of each service user. All data generated by peripherals is centralised within Andi's dashboard, providing a unified source of truth for remote monitoring information. Additionally, Andi empowers caregivers with control over monitoring processes through customisable rules.

DORIS care – Elevating Proactive Care

DORIS care, or Data Orientated Responsive Intervention System, focuses on delivering peace of mind for VIPs through an effortless, proactive, and preventative approach to care. The system excels in discreetly and efficiently monitoring daily activity patterns, with a discreet sensor capturing insights into routines. Changes indicative of potential issues, such as falls or the onset of illnesses, trigger automated email alerts, ensuring timely attention and support.

DORIS care's intelligence in remote monitoring extends beyond health indicators. Care providers can leverage the solution to identify cases of fuel poverty, damp, and mould risk without requiring complex installations or dependence on Wi-Fi, phone lines, mobile signals, or mains power. The user-friendly system integrates into existing workflows and platforms, allowing for seamless proactive interventions.

Collaborative Impact for Targeted Care Solutions

The integration of DORIS care into the Andi platform marks a significant milestone in advancing care solutions. This collaboration provides care providers with a broader array of options and greater access to innovation whilst enabling the delivery of more targeted and personalised solutions for service users. With DORIS care's preventative approach, the early detection of potential risks contributes to the creation of healthier and safer living environments, ultimately enhancing overall quality of life.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Andi and DORIS care symbolises a commitment to leveraging technology for the improvement of care services. By combining Andi's integration prowess with the proactive capabilities of DORIS care, the partnership enables a comprehensive, targeted, and forward-thinking approach to care provision.

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