Smart Sensors for Monitoring Housing Efficiency

We are giving housing and sustainability managers the confidence that they are providing warm, healthy and efficient homes for their residents through intelligent monitoring. Our discreet home sensors monitor environmental conditions and energy use to deliver property performance data and early notification of potential issues.
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Key Features

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Low cost solution to maximise the use of limited resources

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No user interaction needed; residents often forget the device is there

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No internet or Wi-Fi needed for use anywhere in the UK

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No cameras or microphones to protect users privacy

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Custom alerts by email to the right person for a quick response

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Quick and easy installation saves time

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Replacement devices automatically shipped when battery level is low

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Complete package solution removes the need to deal with multiple vendors

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Continual monitoring can provide previously unseen data insights

We are enabling housing and sustainability managers to...

Prioritise homes for decarbonisation or retrofit measures

With the Government's target of reaching net zero by 2050, decarbonising homes is a growing priority. Funds such as the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund demonstrate the Government's support for improving the Energy Performance ratings of homes. Monitoring the temperatures, energy use and boiler function can indicate those homes most in need of upgrading and provide a data benchmark for improvements.

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Demonstrate retrofit achievements and savings

The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave 2.1 has an additional funding pot for the Digitalisation of Retrofit. Installation of monitoring technology can demonstrate savings in energy use and boiler use, as well as improvements in environmental conditions, such as reduced humidity or higher heat efficiency.

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Ensure that properties are warm, healthy and efficient homes

Homes that are cold due to fuel poverty have been shown to exacerbate health inequalities. Making homes more efficient helps reduce fuel poverty and improve related health conditions. For example, social workers in Sutton used our IoT environmental monitoring to identify 22 residents exhibiting signs of fuel poverty last winter. They could then visit the resident and provide the relevant support.

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Quickly identify any property or boiler issues without resident reporting

A proactive approach to property repairs can save time and money and improve resident satisfaction. By continually monitoring the energy use of a boiler alongside the home's temperature, potential boiler performance issues can be indicated. Increased humidity levels in the home when the boiler is in use could also identify possible water ingress or another property issue.

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Detection of conditions in homes that could lead to damp or mould

Mould is likely to occur in homes where the relative humidity is over 70% for long periods. Additionally, the more humid the air, the more energy it takes to warm the home - an increasing concern for residents as energy prices continue to rise. Additionally, the NHS quote that having damp and mould in your home make you "more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma" and impact your immune system.

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Analyse performance data of homes and heating systems

Analysing performance data helps to identify heating and energy use patterns across different housing archetypes. In addition to helping select homes for retrofit, this can also identify homes in need of other improvements, support or assistance. Housing providers can also monitor the performance of various heating systems, such as gas boilers, electric boilers or even air-source heat pumps.

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“By harnessing the power of smart and digital technologies we can modernise our energy system, helping improve customer experiences and deliver a net zero future.”

Greg Hands - Energy and Climate Change Minister, 2022

Detection solution reduces the risk of damp and mould in social housing

Not only can damp and mould create significant respiratory issues for residents, but failure to adequately address the problem could also result in severe consequences for facilities managers. Our specifically designed solution detects damp in residential properties, triggering alerts for actions to minimise the risk of mould.

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