Our Approach

At IoT Solutions Group we have made it our business to do things differently, so that you get the solution you need. IoT systems require several components linked together to work and many other IoT providers simply supply one part of the chain, requiring complex integrations. We know that we can deliver you better results by tailoring solutions that match the networks available in your vicinity and by using components that we own and manage. This approach allows seamless integration, reporting frameworks and alert systems that support your organisational needs. This also reduces costs typically incurred when using multiple providers. We would love to talk you through this approach and answer any questions you may have, so give us a call.

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Our Principles and Values

Our approach is driven by our values - our desire to drive business and society forward through the use of smart tech. We want to work in partnership with our clients to develop solutions for their challenges that save them money and deliver better services to their customers. We are committed to being at the forefront of our industry, always improving, always innovating and always valuing everyone's experience and opinions. Collaboration is key. We aren't just about the tech - we're about making a positive difference and delivering solutions the right way.

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Stage one is about understanding your challenges and factors that affect what can be delivered.

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Once we understand the challenge we will tailor a solution, encompassing devices, networks and reporting systems to suit your needs.

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Structured implementation, testing and training guarantees successful deployment and swift realisation of benefits.

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Our team is always on hand to provide the necessary guidance and develop the solution as your needs evolve. This is a partnership, not a transaction.

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Our Solutions

Ever heard of a smart bin or a parking sensor? We provide tailored solutions covering more aspects of society than you may imagine. Dig deeper...

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IoT has the power to transform service delivery and efficiency across sectors. We help public sector and private organisations tackle age old challenges in ways they never thought possible.

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