Legionella Management Solutions

Minimise Legionella outbreak risk to protect staff, residents and visitors through water temperature monitoring and alerts for bacterial growth conditions. Receive key data and triggered alerts automatically from our discreet remote sensors and greatly reduce site visits.
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Key Features

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Low cost solution to maximise the use of limited resources

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Small, compact and tamper-proof design for easy installation in remote monitoring locations

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No internet or Wi-Fi needed for use anywhere in the UK

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No mains power needed, giving exceptionally straightforward installation and usage

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Custom alerts by email or SMS to the right person for a quick response

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Tailored online dashboard to visualise data and important insights

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Remote data collection reduces travel and water wastage, increasing sustainability

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Complete package solution removes the need to deal with multiple vendors

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Replacement devices automatically shipped when battery level is low

Our solution enables landlords, water hygiene consultants, estate and facilities managers to…

Easily demonstrate compliance with HSE ACoP L8 and HSG274 guidelines

Rather than collating various forms and temperature readings to demonstrate compliance, simply log into our cloud platform to view and download all temperature readings from the monitoring devices.

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Quickly detect conditions that could lead to Legionella outbreak

With traditional temperature monitoring, risky water temperatures might only be detected once per week or month. With a remote continuous monitoring system, alerts can be received within hours of detecting risky conditions for Legionella bacterial growth.

Preventing Legionella

Contribute to sustainability goals

In most cases, site visits can drop from 12 to 4 visits per year with remote water temperature monitoring. This significantly reduces the environmental (and financial) costs associated with travelling to sites, and also the water and energy costs of on-site testing.

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Address concerns about Legionella risk in properties with reduced occupancy

Covid-19 and the associated lockdowns have raised concerns about increased Legionella risk due to reduce occupancy in offices and other premises. Continual temperature monitoring provides peace of mind that if Legionella growth conditions are experienced in a system, the landlord or facilities manager is notified immediately and can take remedial action.

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Demonstrate a pro-active and forward-thinking approach by adopting proven technology

Adopting new technology can often be daunting and involve lots of different contractors/roles. As a complete end-to-end package provider, we discuss your system requirements and provide a complete solution-as-a-service package, taking care of all technology, installation and maintenance concerns.

Watford Council's tech adoption

Identify parts of the hot water system that aren't working as expected

Continuous temperature monitoring can do more than identify potential conditions for a legionella outbreak. This temperature data collection can help identify problems with a hot water system not reaching required temperatures or even identify thermal loss or gain.

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“The remote monitoring is providing valuable information on our water temperatures that will allow us to react quickly to ensure we are maintaining temperatures within the compliant timeframes. This is a very important indicator for us and will assist us in keeping our buildings safe for our staff and visitors.”

Rex Cassidy - Facilities Manager, Watford Borough Council

Protecting health and wellbeing with Legionella & emergency lighting solutions

Remote monitoring saves Watford Council time and money while protecting staff and visitors.

Automated monitoring for Watford Council

Other Solutions

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