Waste Management Solutions - Remote Monitoring Sensors

Maximise limited resources by identifying bins that need emptying with remote bin monitoring sensors. Receive triggered alerts for fill level, bin temperature and other vital insights to prioritise activities and plan collection routes, avoiding bin overflowing and inefficient vehicle use.
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Smarter Waste Management - Identifying & Monitoring bins

Key Features

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Low cost solution to maximise the use of limited resources

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Small, compact and tamper-proof design can be fitted in almost any container

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No internet or Wi-Fi needed for use anywhere in the UK

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No mains power needed, giving exceptionally straightforward installation and usage

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Custom alerts by email or SMS to the right person for a quick response

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Tailored online dashboard to visualise data and important insights

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Data insights for efficient route planning, increasing sustainability

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Complete package solution removes the need to deal with multiple vendors

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Temperature and lid position sensors to detect potential animals or people in bins

Our solution enables waste managers to…

Better deal with staff shortages

The HGV driver shortage has affected many local authorities and waste management companies, with drivers switching to driving lorries instead. Using bin fill levels to prioritise collection routes can help waste managers deal with reduced staff numbers.

Improving collection efficiency

Support sustainability goals by reducing miles travelled

Organisations all over the UK are taking action to meet specific sustainability targets. Often, one of these targets is to reduce the number of miles driven, therefore reducing CO2 and methane emissions. By avoiding visiting empty bins, vehicle mileage can be significantly reduced.

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Quickly identify potential incidents of people, animals or fires in bins

As well as monitoring bin fill levels, our sensors also detect the container's internal temperature, which can be used to indicate people, animals or potential fires inside the bin. Custom alerts can be set up to trigger instant alerts when these particular conditions are detected.

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Help protect the local environment

When bins are overflowing, the rubbish can be blown into hedges, parks, fields or even the sea. This creates hazards for local wildlife and leads to environmental pollution. By ensuring bins are emptied before they overflow, or receiving notifications when lids have been left open, damage to the local environment can be significantly reduced.

Managing bins on Bournemouth beaches

Monitor all types of containers and bins

Our sensors have been designed to be adapted to any bin type, including wheelie bins, street bins, front loader bins and more. Fitting sensors to general and recycling bins allow for comparison in usage and how this usage changes over time or between locations. This can then help direct policy change.

Our work with Biffa & Northern Rail

Track levels of recycling and general bin usage

Fitting sensors to general waste bins and recycling bins allows for usage comparisons over time or between different locations. We can also supply keyring fobs to identify and compare bin usage by commercial clients.

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"As a local authority we are under increasing pressure to deliver improved services for a growing population, with reduced budgets. We know the importance of exploring innovative methods of tackling these challenges and are excited by the potential demonstrated through the activities we are undertaking with IoT Solutions Group. As a consortium member of BCP’s Smart Place programme, we welcome our continued collaboration to develop better services within our community.”

Adrian Hale - Smart Place Strategy & Programming Lead Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council

Optimising waste management and recycling in the UK rail industry’s first smart bin trial

Working with Biffa and Northern to improve waste management across the network with smart bin fill rate sensors.

Partnering with Biffa and Northern Rail

Demonstrating 50%+ savings and environmental improvements in Bournemouth

Inefficient collections, littered environments and asset damage from fire led to us working closely with BCP Council, demonstrating a 52% saving in waste management costs.

Smart Bin solutions for BCP Council

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