IoT for Waste Management

Waste management is an essential, albeit expensive, activity and has a dramatic effect on community environments. Our first venture into this space was with BCP council, when overflowing bins on the sea front were being left unattended creating an eye-sore for visitors and residents alike. We developed a solution to monitor fill levels of bins along the sea front, report bins that had been left open or overturned and also those with significant temperature increases, identifying the potential risk of fire.

Local authority and private sector waste management teams are able to optimise collection routes, avoiding bins that don't need emptying and attending to those most in need, whilst also identifying potential environmental and safety risks presented by damage and heat.

We love bins - they're smarter than you think!

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How it works

Our smart bin device uses multiple sensors to provide the required insight. They provide a measure of depth, whether a bin lid is open or closed and environmental conditions. These sensors take measurements at agreed intervals and send the readings to our central data-hub via LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network). You will be provided with access to a bespoke web based reporting dashboard and we will set up appropriate alerts and integrations based on agreed measures. For instance, email and SMS alerts can be sent if a bin has been overturned, allowing instant attention or fill rate data integrated with route planning software to optimise operatives' time and effort.

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Cost savings delivered by efficient patrols

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Cleaner environments

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Improved safety and reduced asset destruction

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Greater area coverage through prioritisation

BCP Council Smart Bins Case Study

A detailed look at the 50%+ savings proven through a smart waste management pilot on Bournemouth seafront.

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