Facilities, Leisure and Hospitality

For Facilities and Hospitality Managers, the experience of staff, residents and visitors is of paramount importance, as is regulatory compliance. Traditional methods of maintaining these areas are typically costly and open to error. Our range of solutions are designed to help you deliver greater efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance in a cost-effective manner, allowing redeployment of resources to add greater value, whilst also ensuring environments are safe, pleasant and comfortable. Typically, the support we provide revolves around waste management, smart parking, legionella mitigation, emergency lighting and footfall monitoring. Take a look at the range of solutions we offer and talk to us about the challenges you're facing along with any targets you are striving to achieve.

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Facilities, Leisure and Hospitality Solutions

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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting...legally you must be able to show it works. IoT can reduce the need for manual checks through remote monitoring.

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Understanding pedestrian traffic allows real-time insight to manage flow and initiate actions to maintain safety and comfort.

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Legionella can kill and mitigation is a costly legislative requirement. Our solution enables quicker, reliable and more cost effective compliance.

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Smart Parking

Understand where people may be parked illegally, inform shoppers of space availability and identify unlicensed taxis on the rank. Smarter, safer, slicker.

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Tailored IoT

If you have a challenge you're trying to solve that relies on situational data to make decisions, let's talk. We can probably help devise a solution you'd not considered.

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Waste Management

Smart bins allow operators to optimise collections and recycling to keep communities clean. Cost savings and environmental improvements await.

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Emergency Lighting
Tachometer Fast Icon Up to 90% reduction in site visits
Pound Sign Icon Reduced patrol costs
Trees Icon Reduced vehicle emissions
File Certificate Icon Improved mitigation in the event of an incident
Exclamation Triangle Icon Instant alerts in the event of a breakage
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Binoculars Icon Instant insight for venue and location managers
Briefcase Medical Icon Enhanced health and safety management
Chart Line Icon Trend mapping for economic growth plan development
Shoe Print Icon Real-time ability to manage traffic flow based on insight
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Pound Sign Icon Reduced staffing costs
Directions Icon Opportunity to re-deploy staff to other areas of work
Thermometer Three Quarters Icon Improved accuracy of temperature readings
Tachometer Fast Icon Real-time reporting improves confidence of conditions
Exclamation Triangle Icon Automated alerts ensure immediate awareness of potential issues
File Certificate Icon Optimal practice increases mitigation defence
Trees Icon Reduced vehicle emissions
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Smart Parking
Badge Sheriff Icon Efficient enforcement driven by real time insight
Garage Car Icon Improved resident parking availability
Parking Frictionless parking experience
Taxi Icon Reduced taxi rank infringements
Plug Icon Visibility of EV charging bay availability
Trees Icon Reduced idling and vehicle emissions
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Tailored IoT
Pencil Ruler Icon Tailored solutions directly addressing your needs
Puzzle Icon Seamless integration through a single point of contact
Pound Sign Icon Improved cost efficiency - one single provider reducing margins
Bullseye Arrow Icon Single point of accountability for success and evolution of the system
Brain Icon Years of specialist industry knowledge allows for tailored creativity
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Waste Management
Pound Sign Icon Cost savings delivered by efficient patrols
Dumpster Icon Cleaner environments
Life Ring Icon Improved safety and reduced asset destruction
Map Marked Icon Greater area coverage through prioritisation
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Other Sectors

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Public Sector

Local authorities are responsible for a huge range of services that impact on society. We love helping them deliver enhanced social impact and greater efficiency. Smart city and independent living solutions provide amazing opportunities for the public sector to transform how it operates.

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Waste Management

One study has shown that up to 80% of public bins visited by waste collection teams don't need emptying. That is a huge amount of waste (pun intended!). Our smart bins solution provides waste management organisations with significant insight to optimise patrols, recycling performance and to enhance environments.

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