Smart Parking Solutions - Real-Time Parking Space Monitoring

Delivering social impact and efficient parking infringement detection through real-time parking space monitoring. Our monitoring solution identifies space availability and illegal parking, quickly notifying civil enforcement officers and improving residents' experiences.
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Smart Parking to Detect Infringements

Key Features

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Low cost solution to maximise the use of limited resources

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No internet or Wi-Fi needed for use anywhere in the UK

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No mains power needed, giving exceptionally straightforward install and usage

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Custom alerts by email or SMS to the right person for a quick response

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Tailored online dashboard to visualise data and important insights


Compact yet durable design for discreet placement in roadways

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Complete package solution removes the need to deal with multiple vendors

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Continual monitoring provides previously unseen data insights to support policymaking

Our solution helps civil enforcement officers and parking teams to...

Prioritise limited enforcement resources

Civil enforcement officers can adjust their patrols as needed with real-time notifications of parking infringements. As a result of improved patrol efficiencies, more violations can be dealt with, further discouraging parking contraventions.

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Detect and ticket unauthorised use of resident parking bays

Residents and visitors are often unable to park near their homes due to the unauthorised use of parking bays. Combining smart parking sensors with tags in residents vehicles provides enforcement officers with insights to assess possible residential parking infringements.

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Improve air quality by reducing the time residents spend searching for a parking space

When drivers spend a long time searching for available parking bays, traffic levels and emissions increase, negatively affecting air quality. Through our partnership with RingGo, residents can identify available spaces and head straight there, saving fuel and emissions.

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Quickly identify illegally parked vehicles

Enforcement officers can receive custom text or email alerts when vehicles have overstayed limits or are parked in unauthorised zones. These notifications allow officers to respond and deal with any infringements quickly.

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Detect unlicensed taxi driver operation

When used with vehicle tags, parking sensors can assess the number of authorised taxis present in any designated zone. The data also helps authorities identify unauthorised vehicles, which could be personal cars or unlicensed taxis.

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Provide real-time status of taxi rank queues

By detecting the number of taxis at a rank, ranks with available taxis can easily be identified by the sensors. Making this data available to the community provides a better user experience, whether through apps or town centre signage.

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Discourage parking infringements

This solution can also reduce parking contraventions; a more efficient enforcement model could discourage drivers from thinking they can 'get away with' parking illegally.

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Improve access to parking in smaller High Streets

If residents can find (through the RingGo app) available spaces in their local high street, they could be more inclined to shop locally. Improving this access could therefore aid regional economic growth.

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“Smart technologies are playing an ever more central role in the delivery of Council services and I’m really excited that Richmond will be at the forefront of local authorities using better data to make decisions... The trial results will help us to monitor local parking habits and contribute meaningful data on which future decisions of the Council can be based.”

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Committee - Richmond Council

“We are excited to be working with IoT Solutions Group to trial these sensors as they will provide the Council with information on when and how often disabled parking bays are occupied... We hope that as a result of this trial our teams will be able to understand the true usage of the spaces. We will also be engaging with residents and those who use the spaces ahead of future decisions, as their voices and experiences are important to us.”

Councillor Manuel Abellan, Chair of the Environment & Sustainable Transport Committee - Sutton Council

Parking monitoring for Watford Borough Council

Parking monitoring for Watford Borough Council Driving social impact and efficiency through innovative parking control management. We worked in collaboration with Watford Borough Council to drive efficiencies and improve residents’ experiences.

Parking solutions for Watford Council

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