How we help organisations manage their resources

Simply put, we help organisations make better decisions through insight. We do that by deploying remote sensing technology in appropriate locations to collect data for analysis, enabling real-time automated decision making. IoT technology therefore allows companies to prioritise resources based on need, deliver significant savings and improve the quality of life for their stakeholders. IoT is more than the tech - it's about the businesses and communities it serves and we are the difference that makes the difference.

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About IoT

The Internet of Things refers to systems of interconnected devices that pass data and insight, allowing informed decisions to be made. You may be familiar with solutions such as smart watches but the opportunities go far beyond this. Let us show you how.

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Our Approach

Our goal is to help you deliver better services and improve lives whilst saving money. By tailoring solutions to support your reality, we can drive real change. Let us talk you through our unique approach.

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The Team

We like technology, but we like people more and we believe that it is relationships that make the difference. Our team has diverse experience, challenging minds and a desire to make an impact. Meet us!

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A Variety of Solutions

Smart parking, clever bins, assisted living, legionella mitigation, emergency lighting and more. The possibilities with IoT are infinite but how you deploy is key to delivering value. Take a look at our solutions here and see how they can deliver results you've never thought possible.

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Supporting Multiple Sectors

IoT solutions aren't just for geeks and Silicon Valley start-ups. We use IoT to support local authorities, listed building owners, facilities management organisations, leisure providers, insurance companies and more. Take a look and see how IoT can help you in your industry.

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Who We Work With