Making a Life Saving Impact

Adult Social Care Image 2

When you establish a business, you hope to make a difference and our ethos at IoT Solutions Group includes the value of Technology for Good. Despite the fact that you know what the technology can do and that it has been rigorously developed with a range of experts, you can’t quite be prepared for the emotion that is felt when you hear about the real-life, human impact the solution has enabled.

This happened recently when, following the deployment of the first 100 sensors in the London Borough of Sutton, alerts were raised within the first week – identifying two residents whose activity levels had dropped. This resulted in Independent Living Officers visiting to assess each situation.

Medical staff then attended and stated that, without the alerts raised by the newly deployed system, one resident would most likely have passed away later that day.

When this was reported back to us and discussed with the team, the response was really quite emotional.

Such solutions can seem remote and detached, but scenarios like this bring home the role it can play and almost humanises the technology. It’s always satisfying to know that your work makes a difference, but to realise that you have been part of a collaborative effort that has saved a life, puts it into perspective.

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Sutton Council, the SLP and respective Housing Partnerships. We are also very much looking forward to rolling this solution out far and wide – in the hope of making a positive impact on residents up and down the country.

If you would like to read more about the challenge, the response and the difference it made, please request a copy of the case study here - [email protected].