Transforming Waste Management in Bournemouth

IoT Solution for Waste Management in Bournemouth

BCP Council (Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole) are a unitary authority responsible for the upkeep of central services serving around 395,000 residents and 6.8 million additional tourists every year. Fun fact - every year, 750,000 ice-creams are sold on Bournemouth sea-front!

In 2018 BCP Council (then Bournemouth Council) set out to address challenges associated with waste management, which cost £370k pa to manage. The challenges included inefficient collections, littered environments and asset damage from fire. Overtime the challenge has expanded to cover recycling monitoring, in pursuit of more accurate reconciliation.

We are delighted to share with you details of how we have worked closely with BCP Council to address these challenges and how the successful trial of our smart waste management solution is changing how this service is managed.

As a Smart Places R&D Consortium member of BCP Council, we are excited to continue working with them to bring new innovations to the area and helping transform service delivery for the local community.

Please download the short overview document of the trial here.