Partnering with Biffa and Northern Rail

IoT Solutions Group Partners With Biffa and Northern Rail to Improve Waste Management

IoT Solutions Group has joined forces with Biffa and Northern to improve waste management across the network.

Over recent weeks we have been working closely with Biffa and Northern to implement a trial to optimise the management of waste and recycling across multiple stations in the north of England.

This IoT waste management trial involves the installation of smart bin fill rate sensors at stations across Northern’s network. These sensors will detect fill levels of bins and transmit data on a near continuous basis, allowing Biffa to assess the sites that need attention in real time.

Northern is looking to ensure locations across their network are appropriately resourced and that waste disposal and recycling facilities provide the required capacity at all times.

Using standard collection methods, it is challenging to avoid overfill of waste and recycling facilities without frequent collections that drives up costs. In response to this challenge, Northern, along with its waste management partner Biffa, has been looking at ways to improve the service, without an additional cost burden.

For Northern, this project represents the opportunity to address the challenges highlighted above, as well as improve recycling reporting that drives its environmental initiatives.

This approach allows Biffa to optimise waste management practices to better serve station tenants and management teams and provide efficiencies by reducing wasted visits, allowing resources to be diverted to sites most in need of attention.

This is an exciting trial and we look forward to assessing the positive impact that IoT can deliver across the Northern network.

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