New partnership with leading telecare company, Careium

We are pleased to make a special announcement about our exciting partnership with Careium, a leading provider of telecare services in the United Kingdom. As part of its comprehensive solution for social and care organizations, as well as private individuals, Careium has integrated our innovative DORIS care sensor into its care platform.

This cutting-edge monitoring technology is designed to promote independent and safe living for loved ones, and its successful implementation has already helped numerous local governments across the country to bring peace of mind to caretakers and family members of independent individuals.

DORIS care utilizes advanced sensors and AI technology to detect any changes in the daily activity patterns of its users. In a recent trial conducted by Sutton Council, the system detected a drop in activity from Maureen, a 90-year-old woman who had fallen and broken her hip. Thanks to our early warning system and Careium's mobile response team, Maureen received prompt medical attention and made a full recovery. This real-life example demonstrates the effectiveness of our combined solution, which requires no user interaction.

According to Gary Clark, Technical Director at Careium, "Proactive care that provides real-time risk assessments so that timely and appropriate interventions can happen is crucial to the future of healthcare. Digital solutions such as DORIS care are empowering people to live more independently for as long as possible. It was the simplicity of DORIS care that also appealed to Careium; it is a completely unobtrusive yet powerful tool for preventing a crisis. Integrated into our UMO platform through its market-leading partner program, it sends alerts directly to our platform to ensure a proactive response."

Emma Mahy, CEO and Co-founder of IoT Solutions Group, is delighted with this partnership, "Partnering with Careium, one of the UK's largest telecare organisations, is another exciting milestone for IoT Solutions Group. We are excited to continue building on this partnership's successes, as demonstrated in Sutton. It's wonderful to know that combining our technology and their response service will help many more vulnerable and older people live at home independently for longer."

We are thrilled to join forces with Careium and expand our shared commitment to supporting vulnerable and older people. Our joint technology and response service will make a significant impact in enabling independent living for many more individuals.

Find out more about DORIS care and how it continues to improve lives here.

Additionally, we are working to bring housing and social care closer together. To find out more about how DORIS care+ can ensure that homes are healthy as well as residents, please get in touch - more details coming soon!