Detection solution reduces the risk of damp and mould in social housing


We were absolutely thrilled to be given a shoutout in the January edition of Housing Technology, as part of a feature on the most exciting proptechs and IT start-ups in the housing sector.

IoT has a vital role to play in the future of the UK’s housing industry, and we at IoTSG stand ready to support local authorities, housing associations, social housing providers, and facilities management organisations alike with our range of innovative solutions. Included among these is a solution specifically designed to detect damp in residential properties, triggering alerts for actions to minimise the risk of mould.

According to the 2019-20 English Housing Survey, severe condensation and mould issues were present in at least one room in 133,000 [3%] social sector homes across the UK.

Excessive moisture, often caused by problems like undetected water leaks and poor ventilation, presents the perfect conditions for damp, which can then lead to the proliferation of mould.

Not only can damp and mould create significant respiratory issues for residents, but failure to adequately address the problem could also result in severe consequences for facilities managers. For example, the Housing Ombudsman recently made a finding of severe maladministration against Great Yarmouth Borough Council for failing to address a mould problem throughout a resident’s property for several months, before carrying out faulty works that exacerbated the problem.

By identifying high levels of humidity that could lead to damp and mould early, facilities managers can save vast sums of money, and residents can avoid distress caused by damage to their property. Moreover, crucial finances can be re-routed to other areas requiring focus and adding value.

However, we recognise that staying on top of the issue can itself be a time-consuming and costly process, which is where our low-cost solution comes in.

Our easy-to-install device, which requires no internet connection, is placed in the room of concern for damp, where it measures the level of humidity present within.

If humidity levels rise to concerning levels over a prolonged period, an alert is sent to pre-defined individuals by email or SMS so that appropriate action can then be taken swiftly.

Facilities managers are responsible for the health, safety and maintenance of their properties, and a holistic solution that identifies damp and mould risk helps streamline the monitoring process. This solution, therefore, increases effectiveness and impact without costly and time-consuming manual checks or resident reporting.

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