Proactive Stock Condition Monitoring in Social Housing: The Power of IoT Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

The recent release of the final analysis on damp and mould in social housing by the UK Regulator for Social Housing has highlighted the increasing emphasis on stock condition assessment.
In this blog post, we explore the report's key findings and discuss how we are helping landlords continually assess stock condition in a proactive and efficient manner.
Discover how powerful IoT solutions can facilitate and simplify temperature and humidity monitoring for social housing stock condition.

Smart Senors for Residential Monitoring

Understanding the Importance of Stock Condition

The report, titled "Learning the Lessons," provides a comprehensive analysis of the state of social housing regarding damp and mould issues. It reveals a mixed but improving picture; some providers have demonstrated progress in governance, processes, operations, and data systems, while weaknesses persist in others.

The report emphasises the criticality of assessing and monitoring stock condition as a foundation for effective asset management:

"High quality, comprehensive and up-to-date stock condition information is the foundation of strong asset management. Landlords cannot improve the quality of the homes tenants live in if they do not know what condition they are in and what investment they need."

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Harnessing IoT Solutions for Property Condition Monitoring

IoT Solutions Group, in collaboration with housing providers, has developed advanced monitoring technologies to address the challenges faced by social housing landlords. These IoT sensors offer continuous and automated detection of damp, mould, and fuel poverty risks. With minimal installation and cost-effective managed service packages, these sensors provide targeted datasets that enable housing providers to promptly respond to the properties at the highest risk.

Case studies, such as the successful implementation of remote temperature and humidity monitoring sensors by councils like Kingston, exemplify the efficacy of IoT solutions in proactive problem detection and monitoring of the impact of property improvements.

Read and download our latest case study - Kingston Council's proactive approach to damp & mould here

The Power of Proactive Monitoring

As expectations placed upon landlords increase and standards and regulations undergo imminent changes, adopting a proactive approach to stock monitoring can save significant time and energy.

Proactive monitoring, facilitated by IoT sensors, ensures desired improvements from remedial works, enhances tenant well-being, and enables prioritisation of resources for the most vulnerable properties. Continual, automated collection of temperature and humidity data combined with damp and mould risk assessments allows potential issues to be identified before a resident's health is at risk.

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Simple implementation, powerful insights

Having worked with various housing providers, here is their most popular implementation and monitoring process.

1. Install IoTSG Environmental Monitoring devices in homes that have already undergone remedial works to ensure mould risk remains low and to identify any deterioration early.

2. Consider placing monitoring devices in the building archetypes identified in Step 1 to stay ahead of potential issues.

3. When high-risk properties are detected through the data provided by the monitoring devices, engage independent Damp and Mould Control (DMC) specialists for unbiased surveys. IoT Solutions Group has a selection of highly rated specialist DMC partners that can provide accurate cost estimates for remedial work.

4. Housing associations can then use their own contractors to carry out the remedial works and repeat step 1 once the work is complete.

5. Additionally, we can provide each resident (associated with a Unique Property Reference Number) with an automated weekly report formatted and branded to your in-house style. This could include personalised tips and recommendations for helping maintain a healthy environment in the home.

Embracing the Future of Stock Condition Monitoring

In conclusion, the final analysis of the report on damp and mould in social housing highlights both progress and areas for improvement among social housing providers.

"I encourage boards, counsellors, and management teams to read [this report] carefully and ask themselves challenging questions about how they could make improvements to what they currently do. As well as tackling damp and mould issues, it is vitally important that landlords look at how they manage the condition and quality of the tenants' homes in the round."

Chief Executive of the Regulator for Social Housing, Fiona MacGregor

Accurate and timely stock condition data is fundamental to effective asset management. IoT Solutions Group offers a range of innovative solutions to deliver this information efficiently.

By leveraging proactive monitoring and harnessing the power of these discreet, digital technologies, social housing landlords can proactively address property issues, ensure tenant well-being, and confidently navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

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