Life-saving 'in-home' sensor finally gets its name – introducing DORIS care™


Having been introduced to the market over a year ago, Doris started as a nickname for our 'in-home' sensor. After much deliberation, the name has now become official!

So why is it called DORIS care™? The IoTSG team tell the story behind the name

"Whenever we're explaining this solution and how it works, we paint the picture of a scenario that everyone will be familiar with", comments Emma Mahy, CEO and co-founder. "We all know an elderly relative, friend or neighbour that is starting to need a little more support; they are potentially at risk of a fall or injury and are living alone."

Imagine Doris, 82, independent and happily living at home. Her mobility is declining a little, but she is adamant that she doesn't want "one of those ugly pendants for old people!". However, she is also conscious of not being a burden to her family and not wanting them to feel that they have to check on her each day.

DORIS care™ is a compact and discreet wireless sensor placed on the kitchen shelf to monitor the daily activity of a vulnerable independent person. If a change in activity pattern is detected, an automated alert is sent to a family member or carer.

"We have seen stories like this countless times with our clients' residents, and DORIS care™ is the solution to that challenge. "Doris" is looking for a discreet solution that keeps her independence (no cameras or microphones to spy on her!) whilst reassuring her that if she does become unwell or has a fall, her family will be notified without her needing to do anything. Doris's story has resonated with so many people; I am glad it is now official!"

DORIS care doesn't sound like the most technological name Neal, but we know there must be a lot of tech in that little box

"Absolutely! We have developed a unique, compact yet intelligent monitoring system that solves a challenge experienced by many, many people at a particular stage of life. For me, the name DORIS is an acronym for this solution – Data-Oriented Responsive Intervention System", explains Neal Forse, CTO & co-founder of IoT Solutions Group.

Data-Orientated - The key to this device is the power of data - collecting relevant data in a non-intrusive way to provide valuable insights. These insights have proved to be life-saving! The device collects data on ambient conditions, whilst our cloud platform uses AI and machine learning to identify typical behaviour patterns from this data.

Responsive Intervention System – As well as monitoring activity patterns, the solution provides text or email alerts to designated carers or family members in response to a change in activity patterns, enabling intervention as necessary. For example, an amber alert could indicate that the residents' mobility is reduced and perhaps their requirements need reassessing. A red alert indicates that an intervention is urgently required as their activity levels have dramatically declined. Whatever this status, care providers have valuable information to prioritise limited resources and provide the best support to those who need it.

"There is nothing like this on the market today; DORIS care™ does not have any cameras, microphones or movement detection but uses clever technology to provide reassurance and those essential alerts!"

Interested in DORIS care™ and would like to find out more?