Healthier Housing – New Podcast shares expert insights on the future of UK Housing

IoTSG are thrilled to announce the launch of their COSIE Homes Healthier Housing Podcast Series, where we dive deeper into the future of UK Housing, particularly in response to the current damp and mould crisis.
This new podcast series uncovers the latest trends, expert opinions, and innovative solutions that promise to elevate living conditions and positively impact residents and housing providers across the UK.

In this winter series, we are excited to share valuable knowledge, opinions, and best practices focused on providing healthier housing across the UK. The diverse range of topics explored in this series include tenant engagement, scientific aspects of damp and mould, lessons that can be learnt from other sectors, and the role of technology in supporting these crucial aspects.

Join Sarah Levett, our Head of Marketing, as she dives into insightful conversations with sector experts on the forefront of transforming housing for a healthier future. Guests in this series include:

  • Geoff Hunt, Chartered Building Surveyor and building pathologist
  • Lewis Sheldrake, Lead Commissioner for Innovation and Personalisation at London Borough of Barking & Dagenham
  • Rachael Fullwood, Chief Executive at Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association
  • Graham DeAth, Healthy Homes project and Ethos Partnership

In our conversations with these experts, Geoff Hunt highlights the historical persistence of condensation as a housing issue and the need for proactive measures by housing providers. Graham DeAth emphasizes the linkage between housing conditions and occupant health, advocating for a shift from reactive to preventative approaches through technology. Rachael Fullwood underscores the Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association's commitment to positive outcomes and multifaceted support for residents. Finally, Lewis Sheldrake discusses the transformative role of technology in enhancing public services, emphasizing trust, transparency, and a holistic approach to healthier housing.

We invite you to join us on this insightful journey as we explore the complex landscape of healthier housing and its intersections with technology. The insights of our guests demonstrate that positive outcomes for both residents and providers throughout the UK can be achieved when knowledge meets innovation.

A key highlight in each episode is the guests' thoughts on how we can achieve a future where all UK housing stock is warm, dry and healthy. All guests agreed that technology has a crucial part to play, but their individual answers are inspired and show their depth of understanding and knowledge of the sector and its future.

Tune in now to discover the keys to a future where technology and wellbeing intersect to create truly COSIE homes!

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