Healthier Housing Podcast - Episode#1 - "It's Not Just About Mending Things; It's A Big Problem!"

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In this COSIE Homes Healthier Housing Winter Podcast episode, we dive into the damp and mould crisis in UK housing with Geoff Hunt, a building surveyor and pathologist.

Reports of damp and mould issues in UK housing are increasing, raising concerns for residents and housing providers alike. In our recent podcast interview with Geoff Hunt, a chartered building surveyor and building pathologist, Geoff shares several perceptive insights about common issues and the efforts being made to address them.

Geoff highlights that condensation is one of the oldest issues affecting homes, dating back to when humans lived in tents and caves! Condensation continues to be a persistent problem, exacerbated by factors such as the fuel crisis and rising cost of living, which is causing residents to turn their heating down or off. The growing awareness of the health risks associated with mould has also highlighted the pressing need to address these issues quickly and effectively.

One key takeaway from the podcast interview is the distinction between condensation and other forms of damp. Geoff emphasises that condensation is not a defect but a manifestation of an imbalance of moisture, but it can often mask underlying defects, leading to confusion among homeowners and surveyors. This distinction highlights the complexity of addressing damp and mould issues and the need for more sophisticated solutions.

Geoff also talks about the proactive measures housing providers are taking to tackle damp and mould, such as implementing better training and specific tools for condensation management. He stresses the importance of involving residents in the process and recognising the diverse needs of each household, as well as the significance of using technology, including monitoring systems such as COSIE homes, to gather insights and take a proactive approach.

Looking towards the future, Geoff envisions a housing stock where automation and advanced control mechanisms are adopted to respond to changing moisture levels and deliver healthier living environments. He highlights the potential for smart technologies to regulate heating, ventilation, and humidity, offering a more targeted, efficient and intelligent approach to addressing damp and mould issues.

In conclusion, our conversation with Geoff Hunt sheds light on the multifaceted nature of damp and mould issues in UK housing and the ongoing efforts to address these challenges. As technology continues to advance, there is hope for more proactive and tailored solutions that prioritise the wellbeing of residents and contribute to creating warm, dry, and healthy homes for all.

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