Healthier Housing Podcast - Episode#3 - “We're Doing This With Residents, Not Doing It To Them"

In our latest podcast episode, Rachael Fullwood, Chief Executive at Lincs Rural Housing Association, shared valuable insights into the proactive and innovative approach being taken to address challenges in the housing sector.

In conversation with Sarah Levett, Rachael details how the organisation's mission is rooted in providing quality rural homes with a focus on sustainability and community development. A central focus of their strategy involves combatting damp and mould through a comprehensive process of assessment, action planning, and ongoing support for residents. By engaging with residents and implementing tailored solutions for each property, Lincs Rural is not only addressing immediate issues but also working towards preventing reoccurrences in the future.

Recognising the impact of the cost of living crisis on their residents, Lincs Rural has taken steps to support them through initiatives like the Housing Perks app, which provides discounted vouchers for everyday purchases, and a resident support fund. Additionally, the organisation offers budgeting assessments and financial advice to help residents navigate challenging economic times.

Moreover, Lincs Rural has placed a strong emphasis on staff wellbeing and mental health, acknowledging the pressures faced by frontline officers who interact with residents on a daily basis. Through staff conferences, wellbeing sessions, and an Employee Assistance Programme, the organisation is committed to fostering an energised and supported workforce.

In addition to these initiatives, Lincs Rural is exploring the use of smart technology, such as COSIE homes, to optimise property performance and support residents. The organisation recognises the importance of data and technology in safeguarding residents' wellbeing and is actively working towards implementing smart solutions across their homes.

The conversation with Rachael also delved into the vision of a future UK where every individual resides in warm, dry, and healthy homes. She emphasised the importance of collaborative efforts, government funding, and political support in achieving this goal. The discussion highlighted various key factors, including skills shortage, decarbonisation of the national grid, and the need for infrastructure development.

Overall, Rachael's insights serve as a compelling reminder of the collective effort required to build a sustainable and equitable housing landscape for the future. The multifaceted challenges and opportunities in the housing sector underscore the need for a comprehensive approach that encompasses not only housing infrastructure but also broader issues such as transport links, health services, and employment opportunities.

Lincs Rural Housing Association's proactive and holistic approach sets a strong example in the housing sector, demonstrating a commitment to the well-being and long-term sustainability of their residents.

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