Legionella risk monitoring solutions for Watford Borough Council

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One of the most rewarding elements of working in the Internet of Things sector is seeing efficiency and economy working side-by-side with improvements to people's health and wellbeing.

Our recent partnership with Watford Borough Council is an illustrative example of this combination in action. We're installing hundreds of sensors in council-owned buildings across Watford to monitor the presence of Legionella – the bacteria responsible for Legionnaire's disease.

This installation is, of course, a prudent decision on the part of the council. After all, health and safety processes can be labour-intensive and inefficient, and the mitigation of Legionella affects a considerable number of individuals, including landlords, facility managers, and a variety of hospitality providers.

While we're very proud that our sensor devices (which can assess temperature and flow levels in real-time) drastically reduce the need for manual checks, it's also gratifying to know that they keep people safe from potentially fatal illnesses.

Partnerships like this only strengthen our commitment to Technology for Good. The team here are inspired by the prospect of producing technology that can have a real, tangible impact on as many people's health, wellbeing, and security as possible. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Watford Borough Council and seeing our devices continue to act as a force for good within and beyond the borough.

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