Overview of Our Solutions

IoT can be used across an unimaginable range of environments. Below you will find details of the most common applications we support, but the beauty of IoT is that we can tailor solutions to support new challenges. Take a look at how we support smart parking, legionella mitigation, social care and more, and also learn how we tackle new and unique conundrums.

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Smart Parking

Understand where people may be parked illegally, inform shoppers of space availability and identify unlicensed taxis on the rank. Smarter, safer, slicker.

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Waste Management

Smart bins allow operators to optimise collections and recycling to keep communities clean. Cost savings and environmental improvements await.

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Assisted Living

Social care is one of the biggest challenges facing society. Our unobtrusive behavioural monitoring solutions provide early alerts, can help prioritise resource and save lives.

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Legionella can kill and mitigation is a costly legislative requirement. Our solution enables quicker, reliable and more cost effective compliance.

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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting...legally you must be able to show it works. IoT can reduce the need for manual checks through remote monitoring.

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Understanding pedestrian traffic allows real-time insight to manage flow and initiate actions to maintain safety and comfort.

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Tailored IoT

If you have a challenge you're trying to solve that relies on situational data to make decisions, let's talk. We can probably help devise a solution you'd not considered.

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Leak Detection

Proactive detection of water leaks can save thousands in maintenance and repair costs. Find out how, here.

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