IoTSG partners with Prism Medical


We at IoTSG are delighted to announce the new strategic partnership we’ve formed with Prism Medical UK, a leading UK manufacturer and provider of mobility and care equipment in the healthcare sector. Through this partnership, we will support Prism Medical UK in expanding into the ‘Smart Healthcare’ space, in line with growing market demands, by helping them enhance their suite of products and services and deliver smarter healthcare solutions.

By securing us as their new technology partners, Prism Medical UK will now be able to expand their level of care to end-users through the deployment of our advanced, ‘in-home’ adult social care sensor; which cleverly and unobtrusively monitors the daily activity of vulnerable people living independently, while minimising the risk of severe injury or death.

Already utilised by several local authorities across the country, the sensor delivers peace of mind for carers and family members of vulnerable, independent people by alerting them to any changes in daily patterns and behaviour and has already garnered fantastic results. For example, in a trial with Sutton Council, the sensor alerted carers to a decrease in activity from a woman in her 90s who had fallen and broken her hip. She was taken to hospital, where she made a full recovery, but medical staff stated that she would likely have passed away within hours if it weren’t for our early alert system and that it had played a key role in saving her life.

It is clear, therefore, that our sensor has the potential to be highly effective as an end-to-end solution that enables carers to focus on supporting vulnerable people, while we take care of managing the technology.

Speaking about the new partnership, our CEO, Emma Mahy, said: “We’re thrilled to be working alongside Prism Healthcare and supporting them in their efforts to move into the ‘Smart Healthcare’ space.

“Prior deployment of our ‘in-home’ sensor has already shown the level of impact it can have on supporting the delivery of adult social care, and therefore we’re very excited to be extending this solution to Prism’s customers and end-users.”

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