IoT for Legionella

Legionnaires' disease is a potentially fatal condition caused by legionella bacterium that thrive under certain conditions. It is the legal responsibility of commercial landlords, Facilities Managers and Hospitality Managers to ensure every possible measure is taken to mitigate the risk of its presence, in accordance with ACOP L8 and HSG 274.

The consequences of non-compliance can be severe with one organisation receiving a £3m fine in 2018. There doesn't even need to be a health-related incident to be penalised - a simple lack of appropriate mitigation is sufficient.

Traditional methods of mitigation, through temperature readings taken at multiple sentinel points, dead legging and system cleansing are time consuming and costly, especially across multiple sites.

Our legionella mitigation solution provides a real-time remote method of managing the risk with frequent water temperature readings. This approach reduces the need for site visits, improves the accuracy of readings taken and provides greater mitigation evidence in the case of incident or audit.

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How It Works

Water temperature sensors are placed on the outside of the cold and hot pipes on circulating loops in the appropriate positions. Readings are taken on a frequent basis and transmitted to a central data hub via LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network). Our customised reporting dashboard provides details of temperatures throughout the system and tailored alerts are programmed to notify management teams in the event of tolerance breaches that may indicate an increased risk of legionella presence. This approach typically reduces the need for manual intervention by 75%. Across a number of properties this represents a significant cost saving and opportunity to re-deploy resource to other areas of the business. This innovative approach also removes human interpretation and error from the equation, whilst ensuring records are continually up to date, as measurements are taken continuously through the day.

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Reduced staffing costs

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Opportunity to re-deploy staff to other areas of work

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Improved accuracy of temperature readings

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Real-time reporting improves confidence of conditions

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Automated alerts ensure immediate awareness of potential issues

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Optimal practice increases mitigation defence

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Reduced vehicle emissions

Legionella - A Case for Change

This document explores new ways of managing legionella mitigation obligations through IoT. Delivering cost savings, reduced carbon emissions and improved compliance.

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