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Local authorities are responsible for a huge range of services that impact on society. Our solutions help them deliver enhanced social impact and greater efficiency.
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Save time and money with remote monitoring

Legionella monitoring

Legionella can kill and mitigation is a costly legislative requirement. Our solution enables quicker, reliable and more cost-effective compliance

  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Opportunity to re-deploy staff to other areas of work
  • Improved accuracy of temperature readings
  • Real-time reporting improves confidence of conditions
  • Automated alerts ensure immediate awareness of potential issues
  • Optimal practice increases mitigation defence
  • Reduced vehicle emissions
Legionella monitoring

DORIS care™ Assisted living

Social care is one of the biggest challenges facing society. Our unobtrusive behavioural monitoring solutions provide early alerts, can help prioritise resources and save lives

  • Simple installation requires no technical expertise
  • Un-obtrusive monitoring maintains user privacy
  • Alerts are raised even when the user is incapacitated
  • Real-time reporting allows early intervention
  • Prioritisation of care workers to those most in need
  • Greater peace of mind for family members and increased independent living
DORIS care™ Assisted Living

Waste management

Smart bins allow operators to optimise collections and recycling to keep communities clean. Cost savings and environmental improvements await.

  • Cost savings delivered by efficient patrols
  • Cleaner environments
  • Improved safety and reduced asset destruction
  • Greater area coverage through prioritisation
Smarter waste management

Smart Parking

Understand where people may be parked illegally, inform shoppers of space availability and identify unlicensed taxis on the rank. Smarter, safer and slicker.

  • Efficient enforcement driven by real-time insight
  • Improved resident parking availability
  • Frictionless parking experience
  • Reduced taxi rank infringements
  • Visibility of EV charging bay availability
  • Reduced idling and vehicle emissions
Smoother parking experiences

Leak detection

Proactive detection of water leads can save thousands in maintenance and repair costs. Find out how, here.

  • Prevent significant repair costs
  • Safer, healthier living conditions
  • Real-time reporting allows early intervention
  • Greater peace of mind for residents
  • Simple installation - no technical expertise required
Proactive leak detection

“As a local authority we are under increasing pressure to deliver improved services for a growing population, with reduced budgets. We know the importance of exploring innovative methods of tackling these challenges and are excited by the potential demonstrated through the activities we are undertaking with IoT Solutions Group”

Adrian Hale - Smart Place Strategy & Programming Lead Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council

“The remote monitoring is providing valuable information on our water temperatures that will allow us to react quickly to ensure we are maintaining temperatures within the compliant timeframes. This is a very important indicator for us and will assist us in keeping our buildings safe for our staff and visitors.”

Rex Cassidy - Facilities Manager Watford Borough Council

Helping save lives and reduce pressure on carers through assisted living technology

Alerts to changes in activity levels save lives for Sutton Housing Partnership

Supporting social care for Sutton Council

Protecting health and wellbeing with Legionella & emergency lighting solutions

Remote monitoring saves Watford Council time and money while protecting staff and visitors

Automated monitoring for Watford Council

Demonstrating savings and environmental improvements in Bournemouth

Inefficient collections, littered environments and asset damage from fire led to us working closely with BCP Council, demonstrating a 52% saving in waste management costs.

Smart Bin solutions for BCP Council

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Monitoring challenges in the public sector? Ask our experienced team

We pride ourselves in working closely with our public sector clients to solve their challenges around monitoring and improving efficiencies. Whatever your level of knowledge around IoT and remote monitoring, our expert team are here to find the best solutions the deliver meaningful outcomes.